Our project was born from our passion for the Psychedelic Trance music, so we inevitabily felt like spreading it as much as possible! Our Live and DJ Sets are a good representation of the music we love the most; from many substyles of Goa and Psytrance to Chill, Downtempo... always focusing on the melodic side. You can click on the pics above for more info and to listen to a little taste of our sets :)

Live – Goa Trance / Psychedelic Nitzhonot / Chill


Cels music is the perfect example of how Goa Trance can still sound innovating and exciting these days without compromising authenticity. This young producer, hailing from Barcelona will definitely impress and enchant anyone who has a soft spot for ferocious acid lines, powerful bases and dazzling melodies!

Dj Set – Suntrip Records / Goa Trance / Chill


César is an active part of the Goa Trance scene's new wave and DJ of Suntrip Records, so you can expect pure melodic and acidic tunes! Musician his entire life, he's characteristically meticulous on the storytelling and mixing, playing with the harmonies and variety of sub-styles to build his sets, that seek to perform deep and spirituals but full of light and force!

Dj Set – Psytrance / Goa Trance / Chill


Bahr is a truly genuine dj, ever searching for new rythms and both melodies, electronic and mechanical from Psytrance, and also organic, more characteristic of Goa Trance. His sets are based on the creation of a hypnotic and placid atmosphere, accompanied with a powerful base and traceable rhythm. Pure energy!