We are specialized in decorating events with our exclusive, colourful and handmade art.

Our aim is to create strong and unique visual experiences, that are ephemeral and end when the event does.

Probably what defines our style most is that we’re artisans, so we make all the decorations ourselves using only hand tools, and we don’t have any mechanized step in our production workflow. This bring us limitless evolving possibilities, a constant learning process and, most important, a genuine result which is our hallmark!

How we work?

The composition and setup is as important as the pieces of art themselves, so we move a team to the place of the event and take personal care of providing a top quality result.
Depending on the kind of setup we can provide also a basic infrastructure, light show setup… Check the sub-sections Festival, Indoor and Portable for further information about this.

Why should an event invest in decoration?

In this interconnected era, the visual impact is more important than ever, and we know how to bring added value to the event; to bring a better and more complete experience to the attendees during it, and to leave a lasting impression in the mind through pictures and videos, that will differentiate that gig from all the others when spread through the media channels.

What kind of event can be decorated?

There are no limits! We can adapt to any format or size of event. We like to talk clearly with the organizers and understand the needs and means, and bring an idea of what can be expected from us.


Personalized projects to surprise everybody with something never seen before!

In this installations is where we present and show the latest improvements in our decorations. We like to understand the theme and intentions of the festival, and combine all our techniques to give it shape with new and unseen compositions that bring differentiation and become the image of the event. We also try to talk as partners and make agreements for various years, in which the concept grows as we and the festival does, keeping an aesthetic coherence and evolving together. Here there are no limits, no restrictions, let’s just see what do you want and what we can do for your festival!

What it is

This is the strongest and most characteristic installation by Mimesis, specially designed and adapted for each ocassion.

Recommended for

Festivals, various days events or big gigs that want a visible image that lasts and defines it.


Exclusive, different, grows the image of your concept and brings a recognizable character to your gathering

Transport needs

There are no standard requirements, it is defined and adapted to each situation.


All you expect from Mimesis, all you want to see, but always different.

In this installation we give all the best we have to build an unforgettable environment.

We make a full transformation of the space to create an immersive experience in which you can find all the Mimesis hallmarks gathered together to provide a strong visual experience.

We have lots of pieces and themes, and we keep growing and producing new ones constantly, so we can also make agreements for various events in which we’ll provide a different decoration for each one, making every event unique but bringing a recognizable and harmonic character to each!

What it is

It is the standard and strongest indoor installation by Mimesis.

Recommended for

Medium and big indoor or one-day events that want to make an impact.


Best indoor result, easiest for the organizer; we take care of the logistics.

Transport needs

Van rental + gas + tolls from Barcelona (Spain).


Portable sculptures?? By plane?? YES, BELIEVE IT

We’re proud to introduce one of the bigger improvements we´ve made lately:
After a lot of research and experimentation we have developed a new and exclusive technique, that enables us to transport the decorations more easily by plane!

Yes, we broke the boundaries and are now able to offer a full Mimesis portable setup worldwide that, combined with our fabrics with floating paint effect & our big lycra roofs it is not only ready to make any kind of indoor gig a blast, but also suitable for decorating festivals around the globe!

What it is

It is the most portable and affordable kind of installation to have Mimesis differentiating your event and making it special

Recommended for

Any kind and size of indoor event or festival in which the distance or budget limit the other kind of installation possibilities


Global reach! Cheaper transport, cheapest fee

Transport needs

At least 2 plane tickets + 4 suitcases, from Barcelona (Spain).